About the Arizona Horse Pages

The Arizona Horse Pages was originally launched in 2000 at horses-arizona.com. Over the years, hundreds of free listings were added, but over time, many became outdated as people don’t contact a listing site to be taken off as enthusiastically as they do to be added to it.

In order to ensure an accurate and current set of listings, I decided to move to an automated system where equine service providers would be responsible for keeping their own listings current. Paid listings naturally expire, but now, so do the free listings. Business owners will receive automated notifications when it’s time to renew their listing (free or paid) in order to stay visible on the directory. Equine service providers can also edit their listing any time they so desire.

Business listers will benefit from the ongoing paid search google campaigns we’re running to bring targeted traffic to the site. We target exclusively those people who are seeking equine services in Arizona.

About the Webmaster

I’ve been a horse enthusiast as long as I can remember. It was a long journey for me to finally become a horse owner, and I dove in with both feet, soaking up knowledge from life-long horsemen and horsewomen. I spent a few years teaching beginner horsemanship to other adult women who were busy clawing their own way into horse ownership. Each horse, over the years, had very different lessons to teach me. I’m currently down to my last remaining retired school horse, aged 28, who is enjoying leisure days in pasture with some longtime friends. He continues to provide me with the horse therapy I need after spending way too much time in an office, working on a computer.  One of these days, I’ll be back to that monumental task of finding just the right horse who’ll have a whole new set of lessons to teach me, and to bring me back into active riding. Until that day comes, I’m enjoying a very peaceful equine relationship of feeding, grooming, and just hanging out. A seat under a shade tree with a view of grazing horses on a Sunday afternoon: priceless!

-Letitia Hise, Peoria, AZ

If you have questions about the site, how to register and build your own listing, or upgrade or downgrade your listing, please use the contact form to ask a question or make a comment.