This Horse Thing

Horse Injuries – Try Not to Panic

  If you’re going to have horses, you’re going to have to learn to deal with equine injuries. Horses are extremely talented at finding ways to get hurt. Try to remain calm and assess the damage. The good news is that most equine injuries are a long way from their heart (as an old rancher I… Read more »

Horse Therapy Really Works

I think if I hadn’t had horses, I would have long since had a nervous breakdown. I’m not the kind of person who feels better after a “good cry.” I’m more the type who works myself up into a lather going over and over whatever annoying, outrageous, hurtful, spiteful, or demeaning thing happened to me that… Read more »

Horse Behavior: I Do Believe In Spooks

Not long after I uttered the words “I’ve never fallen off from a spook,” I fell off when my horse spooked. The universe is brutal to people who brag about their riding prowess. Be warned. Witnesses to the event described my perfect riding form as I hovered ninja-like in the air above and to the… Read more »

Spur Him Harder Hank

One of the more frustrating aspects of taking riding lessons is an apparent lack of imagination on the part of many trainers and instructors. Having had a go at teaching beginners in later years, I eventually came to understand that if you give an instruction that is not understood by a student, it really does not… Read more »