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Arizona Horse Pages General Policy 

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This site is a directory for Arizona-based equine related businesses.  It is NOT a classified ad site. We do not accept single horse or equipment sale listings posted by individuals who do not have an Arizona equine business.

It is forbidden to:

  • submit content related to a business that is not based in Arizona, or is not equine-related in some way;
  • submit any kind of spam content (including, but not limited to links) as well as advertisements for any third parties;
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  • damage the Site;
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Account Termination and Suspension

Arizona Horse Pages reserves the right to suspend and/or terminate any user account without notice, in its sole and absolute discretion. No refunds will be provided to customers who have their accounts terminated. Examples of reasons for termination include: a) Abusive, inflammatory or inappropriate language and/or imagery; b) Defamatory, malicious, and/or false statements including slander against other registered users; or d) falsely identifying yourself as an Arizona Equine business.